Arielle Tesoriero 
Lives and works in New York, NY
B. 1997

Arielle Tesoriero's work narrates the story of a chaotic group of girls whose metaphors play on women's societal expectations and relationships. Tesoriero examines symbols of her adolescence by navigating her experience of girlhood and the correlation between sexuality, consumption and power. Manifesting violence, rage, and fear through the facade of her sugary tableau's— Tesoriero embodies her conflicts through the fantastical world of her characters. Her sculptures stand as conversations with her paintings and extend this world to real life.

Tesoriero is also a singer and songwriter who is streamed globally. She has self released two EP's: Dear Diary and Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill!. She is currently working on the release of her third EP, continuing to explore different genres. Tesoriero combines both literary and visual elements unique to her creative intuition, delivering the chilling realities of relationships and mental health.