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Arielle Tesoriero
Lives and works in New York, NY
B. 1997

Arielle Tesoriero’s work narrates the story of a chaotic group of girls whose metaphors play on women’s societal expectations and relationships. She examines symbols of her adolescence by navigating a nostalgic experience of girlhood and the correlation between consumption and power. Reoccurring emblems such as animals, foods, and weapons allow Tesoriero to tell a complex history of trauma. Through the facade of her bright and sugary tableau's, she illustrates women’s struggles with their bodies in her fantastical and disturbing circus. 

Tesoriero is also a singer and songwriter who is streamed globally. She has self released three EP's: Dear Diary and Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill! delivering breathy bedroom pop ballads like 2313 All my friends left me empty, stuck inside a body that's aging to sonic hip hop anthems like Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill's title track Why can't I stop to smell the roses? I'm an explosion, don't drink my poison. Tesoriero delves deep into longing, regret, addiction, and the nostalgia of family with her newest record heartsick out now. 

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